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Panosa Architects & Associates has developed a wide range of building work and planning, management and processing of documents related to the world of architecture, with extensive experience in the public sector (municipalities and regional governments) and industry private.


Our task is set in the city of Granollers is done mainly in the provinces of Barcelona and Girona, and have done work in other locations in the state such as Madrid and Marbella.


Current enterprise’s work capacity allows us to design and manage projects anywhere in the territory where the action is necessary, exercise intervention planning, control, direction and management in the areas of:


• Building multi-family housing under free or subsidized.

• Single-family housing.

• Residential Buildings. Hotel. Apartments.

• Restaurant - Sales Convention - Outdoor spaces for celebrations.

• Administrative and office buildings, private enterprise and public initiative.

• Buildings teachers of private and public initiative:


        - Kindergarten.

        - Basic School (Primary)

        - Secondary Institute

        - University buildings


• Equipment buildings, private enterprise and public initiative:


        - Market

        - Primary assistance facility

        - Clinic

        - Hospital

        - Elderly residence


  Sport facilities:


        - Football court

        - Sports court and athletics track

        - Hall Sports Complex

        - Indoor and outdoor pool

        - Tennis and paddle courts


  Cultural and social facilities:


        - Civic Centre

        - Library

        - Exhibition hall

        - Theatre - cinema


  Leisure facilities


        - Fitness Centre

        - Disco

        - Entertainment Centre


• Rehabilitation. Remodeling. Renovations.


• Building Industry.


• Urban planning:


        - General planning

        - Devolopment projects/Landscape projects

        - Urban management


• Other documents:


        - Certificates of Habitability

        - Appraisals

        - Certificates

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tel. +34 938709310
fax. +34 938709454
email panosa@panosa.ct
address: C/Pallars, 3-5 4rt 2a

Edifici Palou B

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