Detached house between partitions in Granollers

Detached house


Granollers, Barcelona


Residence with an open space for dining, living room, and kitchen on the façade parallel to the street. The project is offered based on real estate market demand.


It is a project, pending construction, that describes a single-family house between medians, which has an urban facade and therefore, isolated from the noise of cars and a back facade oriented to noon to which the dining-living room opens kitchen, on the ground floor, in addition to the garage and pedestrian access from the street. A library space and main bedroom suite on the first floor and a second with the bedrooms, toilet and a space for tele-work, study, leisure, etc..., intended for the children of the family.

The typology of the building is that of a single-family dwelling between medians, in a central urban area and that combines accessibility with the central area of the city with the intimacy of the interior courtyard facing noon and connected to the day area of housing

The type of housing projected is considered to be of interest by the real estate market, taking into account the low supply of the same in the face of an incipient demand.


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