About us

Panosa Arquitectes & Associats is a professional architecture and urban planning firm.

Panosa Arquitectes & Associats is a professional architecture and urban planning studio linked to the areas of engineering, interior design and landscaping through associated collaborators with creditworthiness and proven presence.

For Panosa Arquitectes & Associats, the consideration of energy efficiency, sustainability and decarbonization standards is a priority in all its projects, while being emitting the progress of technology in this field.

Established in the city of Granollers, 30 km away. de Barcelona, our team's extensive career, with a large number of works carried out, has provided experience and continuous evolution in the genesis of each new project and in its final result.

With a team of proven professionals, and with coordinated work in the different disciplines involved in the comprehensive building project, quality works, design, comfort and functionality are achieved that meet the needs, expectations and illusions of our customers.

The origin of Panosa Arquitectes & Associats goes back to 1973, the date from which the architect Salvador Panosa i Domingo began his professional practice, and during his career he has carried out a multitude of works related to public and private buildings and urban planning, in a variety of typologies ranging from planning figures to landscaping.

With the incorporation of the architect Salvador Panosa i Garcia, in 2000, and the consolidation of the team of collaborators, our current group Panosa Arquitectes & Associats was created, with a clear and determined vocation to make architecture in the size of our customers' needs and conveniences, with the use of the most advanced technological and energy eco-efficiency criteria, with the creation of fully suggestive spaces, volumes and atmospheres, within a concept of budgetary rigor and proven architectural quality and with the control of the deadlines for the execution of our works, as corresponds to an effective "project management", obtaining an optimal and satisfactory result for our clients and friends.

The high level of satisfaction obtained over more than 35 years of experience rewards us for a job well done and drives us to maintain and constantly improve this line of action for the benefit of the future users of the buildings and the plans we design.

At Panosa Arquitectes & Associats, the primary consideration is the standards of energy efficiency, sustainability, and decarbonization in all their projects.

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