Tertiary buildings


Industrial-administrative building in La Garriga

This building connects the industrial area, spare parts, and storage for horticultural products and machinery with the necessary administrative space to maintain customer relations.

Dental clinic in Premia de Mar

A ground-floor space in a corner multifamily building, located in the urban center of Premià de Mar, has undergone remodeling to adapt it for use as a dental clinic.

Offices and a coworking place en Granollers

A comprehensive renovation of a ground-floor space in a multifamily building has been undertaken to accommodate the operations of a graphic design company.

Port and repair workshop in Premia de Mar

Building that will function as a boat repair workshop and will house apartments on the upper floors to accommodate the owners during repairs.

Dental Clinic in Les Franqueses del Vallès

A dental clinic has been set up in an existing industrial warehouse, integrating the outdoor and indoor spaces, following a similar installation by the same company.

Restaurant on the outskirts of Granollers

On a property with a house with agricultural activity, a separate building has been constructed for use as a restaurant, and alternatively as a banquet or convention hall.
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